Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ilocos December 2016: Vigan Part Two (Calle Crisologo)

We've finally reached my last post for my Ilocos series! This is another one of my favourites as I got to practice a bit of night photography, something I don't normally do but I genuinely enjoy anyway. It was a great challenge to photograph a place I have never been to at night (which is quite difficult with all the adjustments I have to do, mind you), but the results have been pretty fulfilling.

Like I said in my previous posts, these pictures weren't all taken in order as our schedule was quite hectic, and I felt like presenting them chronologically would be too confusing. 

Also if you wanted to see my previous posts, I've listed them down for you here:

This was taken on the way to Vigan. As it was just after Christmas, there were still so many lights which made everything look brighter and more festive.

This was the fountain and light show at Plaza Salcedo! This happens every 7:30 I believe, and we arrived in Vigan just in time to see it. The fountain itself is quite old but was renovated and equipped with lights. Reaching this point from our hotel which was near the entrance of Vigan only took a brisk 5 minute walk. So accessible!

With my small stature it was difficult to see everything up close. ;__; Plus I didn't really enjoy getting splashed on by the fountain (and you will get splashed on) so I opted to stay back, or to just look through someone else's phone haha!

Local church. So prettily decorated! There are a lot of churches in this style in Ilocos.

Of course, there has to be a cat somewhere. 

Finally, we reach the beginning of the famous Calle Crisologo! What makes this street so famous is that it is set with cobblestones instead of concrete, and a lot of the houses are the same (though restored) ones that have been around since the Spanish colonization. That's more than a hundred years ago!

Apparently, the wealthy lived along this street. No wonder a lot of the houses here were large and quite grand. I actually prefer this street (calle = street) at night not only because its cooler and a lot less crowded (though not completely deserted), but because the lamps and kalesas really take you back to what the 18th century would have been like. 

Old meets new! The parols (star lanterns) and the strings of Christmas lights still blend really well with the old houses and lamps. It's quite a short street, only 3 or so blocks. I wish the entire Vigan could be in cobblestone. Wouldn't that be great?

Some details. They sell a lot of souvenirs along the street as well, so feel free to browse as you take a stroll!

And so it ends! Until next time, Vigan! 

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