Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ilocos December 2016: Paoay

Welcome back to the next installment of my Ilocos Series! Next stop for our trip was the ever popular city of Paoay.

Paoay is home to a great number of popular tourist destinations which you'll see in this post and in the next. The most popular is a UNESCO World Heritage site - Paoay Church!

This church has been here since 1710 - that's 317 years! Whenever I visit places and structures that have been there for hundreds of years, I always get so amazed with how well-preserved they are. Just looking at it brings you back a few years! It's famous for the buttresses on the sides, which were exceedingly difficult to photograph due to the nature of my lens. -_- Next time, a 35mm! 

Paoay Church is also famous for its Baroque Earthquake Architecture, a preventive measure to keep structures up in locations where earthquakes are prevalent. It seems that this tower wasn't restructured with that kind of architecture as its leaning!

Detailing of the front entrance. I'm amazed that they even managed to preserve this! I wish they did this with all the structures in Manila. 

The inside is quite beautiful and gives off a very serene vibe. Another plus is that it doesn't have that musty, old church smell. How did they manage that, I wonder?

There is a garden to the left hand side of the church, and not a lot of people wandered in! You can see the buttresses from this side as well while taking a quiet, contemplative stroll. 

Next after this are the famous Paoay Sand Dunes! Luckily we went during a very sunny but not sweltering day, so the one hour drive around the sand dunes was fun but not stifling! 

View from the...well, the view deck. The sea was incredibly blue I was so surprised! Not for swimming though, as the waves were high and violently crashing against the shore. Reminds me a lot of Lahinch from my Ireland trip!

Who knew miles and miles of sand could be so nice to look at? It's probably because I'm not used to seeing so much of it. The city gets stifling too easily.

Sand surfing! I was lame and sat down instead of standing up for fear of breaking some odd part of my body, but I managed to get to the farthest point! 

Next stop - MalacaƱang of the North aka what I dub to be the Gatsby house. You'll see what I mean next week!

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