Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Luzon 2016: Baguio, Tanay, and Morong

Long time no see again!

October has been extremely busy on my end, from meeting several groups of friends to taking the civil service exam. Between that and the onslaught of storms coming in, it has been very difficult to take some product pictures for the blog. I'm very keen on using natural light and there simply isn't any!

Given this, I thought I'd do a local travel diary this time. August and September had a total of three local destinations, which is a lot more than my family usually travels in that period of time. It's been a really taxing year (am I the only one thinking this year is terrible?) so a few vacations are always welcome.

Now, these aren't going to be as extensive as my Europe travel diary but I hope you appreciate them just the same.

Baguio August 2016 - Amare La Cucina

I've been to Baguio more times than I can count, and I'm sure you're sick of the same old views. I thought I'd do a tiny feature on one of my favourite pizza restaurants ever, called Amare. Bold statement, but pizza is probably my favourite food and they make the type that makes me want to eat three whole ones by myself. 

Its a small restaurant located inside Albergo Hotel along Villamor Street. It's about 40 to sometimes 1 hour and 30 minutes wait for a table, but I assure you the wait is worth it. My personal favourite pizzas are the Ragu Bolognese, Alvin's Pizza, and Pizza Con Prosciutto. Their pastas are amazing as well, and I would highly recommend adding some mint iced tea to the order.

Highly recommended if you want to try something other than what is at Ketchup!

Tanay, Rizal September 2016

My aunt and uncle came home from Sydney, and we took them around Tanay for a bit of a new experience. The views were amazing and I've honestly never seen so much forest in such a big expanse of land. I'm honestly curious to know if there are Philippine Eagles hiding around here. We were supposed to see the windmills but got lost too many times to count. Ah, all part of the adventure, right?

Morong, Bataan September 2016

We went to the beach the next day and stayed overnight. I've actually visited this resort previously in June, but it was a lot better now that the rains weren't as intermittent. I didn't wade in the water but I did a lot of walking around and listening to some of the stories my relatives shared. A lot of these pictures are sunsets and of the beach, because I'm still working on my sunset and beach photography. If you have any tips, I'd love to hear them!

What about you guys - have you been anywhere recently? I'd love to hear about it and even see pictures if you have any!

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