Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Northern Ireland 2016

This is probably my favourite photo set of all because nearly every picture I took came out beautifully. Midway into the month I stayed in Ireland, the entire family went on a short trip to Northern Ireland. Like all the other sites we went to, I didn't google anything just so I would be surprised in seeing everything for the first time. 

First site - The Dark Hedges, which was featured in Game of Thrones. Not going to lie, we got lost for a good amount of time because our GPS kept conking out. It's quite far away, but definitely worth the visit! The beech trees are huge and they create this amazing tree tunnel unlike any other. Its currently closed now due to the concern of the influx of visitors causing stress to the trees. It's so nice to see the concern they have for the environment!

Also again, it is very easy to see why so many fantasy novels, movies, and shows are set and/or feature Europe. Everything seems like it came out of a fairy tale!

Probably the most iconic site of Northern Ireland is Giant's Causeway. A lot of walking is involved to get here so be ready! We were blessed with very sunny weather the day of our visit, which only made the scenery even more beautiful. Despite the sun though, it was freezing, around 7-8ÂșC! The walking definitely took away some of the cold, though!

These are basically basalt columns formed during the Paleocene Period. The mythology behind it is that there was a giant trying to build a bridge towards Scotland, but stopped when one of his thumbs was cut off. There is apparently a similar structure in Scotland. Very interesting!

This is at the tip of the coast of Northern Ireland, and faces the Norwegian Sea. This is as far up as I have ever gone while traveling! Maybe soon I can reach Reykjavik in Iceland, which is even higher up. 

We took the moderate route on the way to the Causeway and the difficult one on the way back. It was exhausting, but no regrets with the view!

Yes, it was incredibly windy.

We headed back to Portrush afterwards and had dinner in Ramore, which is supposed to be famous for its pizzas. I had a burger instead because I was too hungry. Overall the food was okay, nothing too special. They did have Alska however, which is a Swedish Cider. I regret not finding it because it had a berry flavoured one!

I couldn't get over this view. It looks like it came straight out of a movie!

The following day we went to Belfast, which is the capital of Northern Ireland. Its a lot quieter compared to London and Dublin, but it shares more similarities to London. Perhaps because it is a part of the United Kingdom?

Albert Memorial Clock. It was called their own version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, because the foundation caused it to lean to its side. Honestly it just makes me want to push it back straight. OC tendencies!

The Big Fish, which is supposed to give you wisdom when you kiss it. It also features the history of Belfast via pictures on the fish. If you were wise though, wouldn't you know not to kiss it because everyone else did?

Titanic Museum! Belfast is known as the place that built the Titanic, back when its main industry was still shipbuilding. I didn't get the chance to go in (too expensive!) but maybe some other time!

Unite the Union murals. There is a huge history regarding the split of Northern Ireland from (Southern) Ireland. I genuinely am interested to know how Brexit has affected this. 

City Hall! Such a huge difference from the city halls I've been to in the Philippines. I wonder if Manila City Hall looks similar.

That's it for this post! I hope you enjoyed this photo set as much as I did experiencing it. The Europe 2016 travel series is coming to a close, with the last post coming out next week. I'm a little sad to have this end, but that just means more adventures in the future, yes?

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