Friday, September 02, 2016

Ireland 2016: Dublin

Since I missed out posting this on Tuesday, I figured a back-to-back post was a good way to make up for it! I've been suffering from a bit of blogger fatigue which explains why I haven't been uploading on the dot as I usually do. Currently trying to find inspiration, but hopefully I'll be back on my usual game soon.

A trip to another country won't be complete without visiting the capital at least once. I was in Ireland for nearly two weeks before visiting Dublin, but it was definitely worth the wait. It was the second European city I visited after London, and I was curious to see how different the two were. 

First place we went to in Dublin was (of course) the Guinness Factory. While I'm no fan of beer (and most alcohol, really. I just get a migraine the size of Jupiter), it was pretty interesting to see how they went about explaining the process behind it.

Next was Dublin Zoo! Unlike some of the zoos I've been to, most animals aren't caged and instead thrive in a space similar to their natural habitats. I'm ambivalent towards zoos in general, but I did enjoy going around with my cousins and aunts. 

Random peacock on the loose! It stood on top of that building for a good while before coming down and wandering near people. Not sure if it was really on the loose or if it was a thing, considering the zoo staff seem unfazed. It was very friendly, though!

We did take a day-tour of the city centre, courtesy of my cousin. We went to so many places that we couldn't believe we actually made it. Schedule was jam-packed with our only reprieve being lunch at a Mongolian Barbecque place. Even shopping in Grafton Street was timed, but I can proudly say I got what I needed within a span of thirty minutes. Its apparently a skill not many people have, yay!

Entering Trinity College, which was so beautiful, I could cry. I couldn't even begin to imagine what it would be like to go to a school as scenic as this. Well, the workload and studying would still be horrible, but you'd have the atmosphere to make up for it!

This is also where they had The Book of Kells on display. If you're not familiar, the Book of Kells is an illuminated manuscript that is considered to be one of Ireland's most important treasures. The exhibit also leads up to the Old Library of Trinity College, which I've been dying to see ever since I saw a picture on Tumblr. As someone who loves books, sightseeing a library this pretty was beyond exciting.

I was pretty bummed with my lens limitations, so I couldn't take a picture of how massive the room was, so I settled for a few details!

Thank you to my cousin for taking this photo. There were some girls who took a picture before us and were posing in a way that I found a little too funny, so I settled for the normal tourist picture. 

Dublin streets are too pretty. Also, a bit of trivia! The windows on these buildings gradually decrease in size as you go up each floor so it gives the appearance of height. I honestly don't see that big of a difference, but its pretty interesting to know!

That's it for Dublin! Next - Northern Ireland, which is a photo set that I'm pretty chuffed about photography-wise. :')

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