Friday, August 26, 2016

L'oreal Infallible Sculpt (Medium/Dark) Review

Finally, a Friday post!

I wasn't originally intending to purchase this product, but the L'oreal Infallible Sculpt was something that looked too interesting to pass up. I've seen YouTube personalities like Suzie from Hello October rave on about this and with my Too Cool for School Createur du contour running out, I figured it was time to try another contouring product. 

The packaging is slim and very compact. Its only slightly thicker and a smaller in height to my iPhone 5s, which makes it every easy to take around. I don't find that the compact is flimsy in any way, though I will say that the chances of it breaking when dropped is quite high. 

It comes with a mirror, the highlight and contour, and a small instruction pamphlet. I would say the mirror is pretty good if you're using this on the go, but I prefer using larger mirrors and fixing my make-up at home. 

This comes in two shades - Light/Medium and Medium/Dark. I went for the latter as when swatched, the contour for the L/M was too light for me. I wasn't initially drawn to it considering the colour is quite warm, until I realized that slightly warmer contours can work on my skin tone. I find that the colours appear just fine on my skin. The highlight shade isn't too light and the contour is neither too dark nor too light. If you have cooler tone skin, this will definitely come off as a bronzer so you might want to check out the lighter shade. 

The formula isn't a cream as I initially thought. It is instead a lightweight cream-to-powder formula that blends very easily and doesn't slide around too much. It has enough silicone for it to apply smoothly to the skin (though maybe not over a powder) but not too much that it makes the base underneath ball up. 

Built up with two layers.
The product is matte and also came out a bit sheerer than I thought it to be, but it is still very build-able. Having the product not overly pigmented makes it great for beginners, or for those new to cream products as you will not have the tendency to over-apply and mess up your make-up. The highlight, I would say, is much sheerer than the contour, so you will need to layer the highlight up more for it to show up on your skin. 

The end result is something that is not too pronounced, but not too subtle either. As the product is build-able, you can make it more noticeable or not depending on your preference. 

It sets within a decent amount of time, giving you more than enough opportunity to blend the product. I personally wait for the product to set before blending it out with a Beauty Blender, as I find that blending it right away can cause the product to disappear completely. If you were to use a brush, I would recommend those specifically targeted for contouring and are quite slim, as the product does disperse a lot before setting. You want your contour to be in a very specific place, not all over your cheek and forehead, after all!


When set with a powder, I find that this product lasts for about 4-5 hours before it begins to fade. This is the case in hotter, more humid weather, so I expect those of you living in more temperate climates to have this last longer, maybe about 6-8 hours. This is pretty decent wear time given my circumstances, though I'm definitely still on the look out for cream products that will last longer. 

This cost me 14.99 EUR, which roughly converts to around 16.90 USD or 785.25 PHP. Its a little more pricey considering that L'oreal is a drugstore brand, but I observed that L'oreal products were in this range anyway. I purchased this from Boots, and they had a 3 for 2 offer at the time which made the other products I purchased with it much cheaper. This product is not available in the Philippines (yet?), though you might want to try your luck in online stores if they do sell this. 

Overall I think this product is pretty great though not excellent. Its great for its purpose, though the lasting power could definitely be improved. I would recommend it to people who are new to the concept of contouring, or who would like to try an affordable cream contour palette!

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