Tuesday, August 16, 2016

London July 2016 (Part 2)

Welcome to the second installment of my London photo diary. The following days weren't as packed as the first, though there was still a lot of walking involved and even a little getting lost. It happens to the best of us, and is a part of any travel experience.

But before that...

We had one of the best meals in London at The Breakfast Club near our hotel! It was an adorable place with an 80s theme, and the morning rush had died down by then, allowing us to have a less hectic meal.

Shame on me for not taking pictures of my order (which was the Smoked Salmon with Scrambled Eggs and a side of Avocado) but by that time I was too hungry. Also I wanted some memories to be left undocumented, just because documenting everything would tire me out eventually. I will say that the food was amazing. When the waitress came by to take our clean plates afterwards, we couldn't help but joke, "As you can see, we didn't like it." with a snicker. She jokingly replied, "Aww, I'm so sorry about that! I'll tell the chef." Friendly servers really improve your mood, no questions asked.

I wasn't aware of the first stop of the day, which is why I was surprised to know that we were heading to King's Cross Station!

I'm not sure if you all know by now but I am a huge Harry Potter fan, so of course I had to take a picture at the iconic trolley in the station, which was right next to a Harry Potter merchandise store!

Excuse my expression in this - clearly I wasn't ready! Also, yay for Slytherin!

We had a look around Camden Market afterwards, a set-up that wasn't too foreign to us considering all the night markets here in the Philippines as well as the ones I've been to in Seoul and Singapore. There were tons of small paintings that would have been really nice for my room, but alas, luggage space limit. :(

The food stalls (with free samples!) were all amazing, though! I initially wanted food from another stall but the owner stepped out for a while, to my dismay. I rewarded myself with some paella instead, which was still very tasty and satisfying. :D

Of course there was a trip to Oxford Street for a bit of shopping. Quite crowded, but the selection was amazing if you're really looking to buy from several stores. 

This is the part where we got lost trying to find Chinatown and the Prince Edward Theatre to watch Aladdin. When our directions didn't work, we asked several locals who gave very conflicting and confusing directions to our destination. I realized then that not only are London streets quite difficult to navigate, but its quite difficult to give directions to someone who has never been to a certain place before. 

We did make it in time, even with a quick stop for some milk tea/bubble tea upon my cousin's request, and some pork buns since we didn't get to have dinner. 

The show was so much better than I expected. The costumes and set were always amazing, and Genie as well as Aladdin's friends (shhh) were hilarious. Definitely worth a rewatch if it shows in Manila!

And since we passed by...

More Harry Potter! The play was showing at the end of the month, so I was bummed to hear that we wouldn't be able to see it. Still haven't read the book/play that came out a few days ago - no spoilers!

Finally - the last day! We had our breakfast at Duck and Waffle which didn't allow any big cameras, which explains the grainy phone pictures. It was a great breakfast, though service was a little off again. Our only homerun was at The Breakfast Club and Franco Manca. 

But back to the British Museum, our last stop. It was massive, even more than the National Gallery, so we really had to plan which exhibits to see to make most of our limited time. We selected a lot from Ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt, and skipped a few Asian exhibits. Nothing we haven't seen before, right?

This was the same room where the Rosetta Stone was placed, but it was far too crowded to take any pictures. There were some mummies as well in other sections of the museum, which was really cool to see up close. I only get to see those on the National Geographic Channel when they talk about a pharaoh's tomb.

Don't wanna be this guy.

Some sculptures from the section on Ancient Greece. 


One of the watches from the watches and clocks collection. 

After that it was our last tube ride back to our hotel to collect our things before heading to the airport. We were heading back to Ireland (aka the home base) for more family time and even more adventures. Three days may seem short, but while I was there I felt like I've been in London for weeks. I hope you all enjoyed my London posts as much as I did creating and compiling. Definitely coming back to see more of the city in the future!

Next on the Europe 2016 travel line up: County Clare!

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