Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Ireland 2016: Bray Seafront

Long time no see! Apologies for the sudden inactivity for this blog, but I miscalculated my capability to multi-task whilst on holiday. I will however, make up for this absence with a very busy August filled with both beauty and travel posts!

As I mentioned in my last post, I was on holiday in Europe for almost a month. Well, its a holiday-slash-family-reunion of sorts, as I haven't seen my cousins and their families in one place for four years, which is insane. It was a very difficult road to get there (let's not even start with the talk of visas) but in the end, everyone easily agreed that it was the best vacation ever! Bold statement, but it is 100% true.

To kick start this European travel series (!!), I thought I'd show you a bit of Bray, which is one of the two places where my sister and I stayed and where my uncle and his family live. It's about thirty or so minutes from Dublin City Centre, with a beach that is lovely to be in when the weather is a bit warmer. Warmer in this sense is about 23ÂșC or so, considering how cold it always is in Ireland.

I will say at this point that pictures aren't in chronological order since there was a lot of shuffling back and forth from Bray to Ennis, as well as mini-trips to London and Northern Ireland (spoiler!). It seemed more organized to me to feature each place rather than each event, to give you a feel of it in different weather conditions (and even my moods tbh!). 

Less talk now, more photos!

It was gray and occasionally rainy when I arrived. Ireland, according to my relatives, is more often than not rainy. Not something too new to me, since Manila is pretty rainy as well. When they say rain though, they mean very, very light showers - nothing a rain coat can't fix. 

It was freezing (for me) at the beach, which only made me realize that I should've brought warmer tops. Also, the concept of a cold beach is a rather strange one coming from someone who lives in the Philippines. 

Suddenly, me! Pictures of me are rare, considering I'm always taking pictures, so have this for now. Those are my cousins photobombing in the background!

Ahem, excuse my tired face. /o\

Bray is not too busy, but not too isolated either. A pretty good place to live because most needs are still easily accessible minus the craziness of a city.

Spot the gelato shop! There's a better one across the street, if you're interested in a less commercial version.

Taken the next day at Bray Harbour! Having sunlight makes such a big difference to the atmosphere.  Still freezing, though.

This is also the view in front of Harbour Bar, which was apparently voted one of the best bars in the world a few years ago!

Tons of swans swimming around! We fed them with some leftover bread we had. After that, they wouldn't leave us alone!

That's it from me for now. Tune in next Tuesday for my next post - London!

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