Friday, August 12, 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips (Secret Salma) Review

By now you've probably heard of Charlotte Tilbury, a makeup brand created by a makeup artist of the same name who has been in the industry for decades. Bloggers and YouTubers alike have sung their high praises for her products, and I figured that since i had the opportunity, I should try at least one product to see what all the hype is about.

I was initially going to get one of her original Matte Revolution Lipsticks but found most of the shades to be too light on my skin or too different compared to the swatches online! Luckily, the new Hot Lips Collection was just released around a month prior my trip to Europe, so I immediately searched for a shade in the collection that would best suit me.

I settled on the shade Secret Salma easily, as I now gravitate towards shades within its spectrum. It's official description is a 'deep rose plum', which I find to be accurate once worn on the lips. Its a very  pretty, sophisticated colour that is not too garish or too plain, and can be easily paired with a very simple or a very elaborate look. Its also very unique as it doesn't have any brown tones to it as most lipsticks in this shade range usually do. It swatches lighter on the skin, so do take note if you're trying this out in stores.

It applies very easily onto the lips, without any tugging or extra effort to get the full colour. The formula is pigmented without being too opaque, making it a little easier to wear and handle. Two layers will be enough to get the full colour. It feels very lightweight and non-drying within the first hour, but becomes slightly drying afterwards. It is however, significantly less than normal matte lipsticks, so if you like matte formulations, you might even find this hydrating.

The lipstick bullet is an interesting one with its square shape, as it does help in making the edges of the lips more crisp and clean without the need for a lip liner. Though I do say I did have to make minuscule adjustments in learning to apply with it as I'm used to the teardrop shape.

I find that this lasts for about 4-5 hours, which is pretty standard for any lipstick. It will definitely last longer if layered or if a lip liner is used underneath. Its kind of disappointing, as many have said that this tends to last for much longer. Perhaps because its not a red or a dark lipstick? It does leave a small stain, though not enough for it to be noticeable.

This cost be 30 EUR, which is about 1560 PHP. Its within the same price range as other high end brands such as Chanel (Rouge Coco is 1650 PHP) and NARS (Audacious is 1450). Quite expensive, but it is a nice treat if ever you have the extra cash.

I purchased this in Brown Thomas on Grafton Street (Ireland), but its available in her flagship store in Covent Garden, Selfridges, Harrods, and Fenwich if you live in London. It is also available in Nordstrom in the US. Its currently not available in the Philippines but few online stores have begun stocking this, though the markup is extremely high! I would recommend just waiting for a relative to go to the UK or US if you intend on trying this out.

Overall, while I do agree that it is a fantastic lipstick in formulation, colour selection, and packaging, it is not as revolutionary as the bloggers make it seem. Its very good, but slightly overhyped. I would recommend it if you want something new in your lipstick collection, but maybe not if you're looking for the perfect lipstick (that still belongs to Chanel for me).

Have you tried Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks before? Do you have any favourite shades? 

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