Friday, June 03, 2016

The new lipstick favourite: Chanel Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle

I never realized how difficult it was to do a comeback post after being gone for a considerable amount of time. I've already rescheduled two posts and deleted two, thinking they weren't fit as a topic to ease everyone back into the blog. Eventually, I thought I'd share with you something that was easily love at first wear - the Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in Mademoiselle. 

I have wanted this lipstick since I was sixteen, before Chanel reformulated the Rouge Coco range and before I could even think of stepping near a Chanel counter. I even had the lipstick number memorized (05 pre-reformulation, 434 post). It's kind of crazy, right? I forgot where I first saw a swatch of this beautiful colour, but as soon as I did I pegged it as my dream lipstick. 

Seven years and an impulse buy later - I am an impulse buyer when stressed! - I went home with this after visiting Duty Free. I may have had to access a few extra hundred pesos to scrape it but I have never been so happy with a make-up purchase in a long time.

Mademoiselle is described by Chanel as a 'warm rosewood'. To me its a dark, rosy pink with subtle brown tones to ground it. It is a colour that exudes sophistication and elegance - something that really lives up to its name. It swatches darker than it appears on the tube, but on my lips it definitely appears as a muted, rosy dark pink. It is slightly warm so do take note if you're more partial to cooler tones!

I tried it on as soon as I photographed it (knowing I'd do this post in the future - good job past me) and knew it was going to be a lifelong affair. I've worn it on an almost weekly basis, and somedays realize that I've worn it for three or four consecutive days. That's a pretty big feat considering I do like switching my make-up daily, and a clear indicator that I've fallen hard for it!

The formula is lightweight despite multiple layers, and is non-drying even after 4 hours. My lips are usually parched and begging for lip balm at that point, so I'm always pleasantly surprised when my lips are still soft. The colour lasts about 4 hours as well, but will not withstand eating and drinking. I can't say it stains considering the colour is so close to my natural lip colour, but this was something I was prepared for anyway. 

Excuse my expression -I just came home from fixing some misunderstanding that could have possibly deterred me from graduating. Also, excuse the eyebrows! I know, I'm due for a thread soon.
I usually pair this lipstick with really simple make-up - a clean base, defined lashes, a hint of dusty rose blush and sometimes some eyeliner. I find that it also pairs well with neutral eyes both shimmery and matte. I've yet to try it with my favourite gold eye look but I'd imagine it look fantastic as well!

I purchased this for USD 32 at Duty Free. It retails for PHP 1650 at Chanel counters and USD 36 in places like Nordstrom and Chanel counters in the US. Definitely on the pricey side considering its by Chanel, but if you're looking for a rosy pink lipstick and have the opportunity to splurge, I highly recommend you check this out!

What about you - have you tried this lipstick, or other lipsticks from the Rouge Coco line? Do you know of any similar colours? I'm all ears, feel free to leave me a comment below!

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