Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Subic and Morong (June 2016)

I'm honestly not a beach person, despite living in a country where the nearest beach is probably two to three hours away. Biggest issue: heat from the sun. I'm more comfortable in cold, windy places where I could aimlessly walk around, so the idea of sweating profusely is very unappealing to me.

Despite this, I found that I loved being at the beach last weekend. There's something about reading a book my the beach and walking around with sand between your toes as a cool breeze passes by that's very refreshing. I must say I prefer being at the beach during rainy season because not only is it not as hot as it would have been in the summer, but seeing the contrast between rain and sun is really startling in the best way. Also, less people! Having the beach to yourself is something people should try once in a while.

We stayed at the Kamana Sanctuary Resort and Spa for a day and a night. Its further away from Subic Freeport, tucked away near the entrance to Morong, Bataan. Highly recommended if you want a place far from the cluster of resorts, has good service, and a pretty decent breakfast buffet (a rare find, to be honest). 

View of the place from the infinity pool. Weather was perfect - still sunny, but windy enough that it doesn't feel too hot and sticky. Skies were also a bright blue, which was a big change compared to the rainy city.

Exploring beyond the casitas with my mom. It was such a beautiful morning, great for taking pictures! In all honesty I miss travel photography the most, because being able to capture the beauty of a place at a particular time is really magical.

We then spent two days and a night at Anvaya Cove. We visited this place previously with my mother's side of the family and easy to say, everyone loved it! This was less than an hour away from Kamana, also tucked away in a cove (hence the name) in Morong. Its a huge place that does require a shuttle or a car to get around, but the Beach and Nature Club is worth it!

The views you get from this place at any time during the day are something I will never tire of.

Oops, the kid caught me taking pictures. Sorry!

Amazing contrast of a thunderstorm from a distance and the sunset. Not something you get to see everyday. Makes you appreciate that nature still has a lot of wonders to offer. 

That's it from me! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed being at the beach. Will this mean more trips to the seaside in the future? We shall see!

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