Tuesday, June 07, 2016

New to My Wardrobe: Nike Free Rn Running Shoes

Surprise, a Tuesday fashion post! I did say I was going to delve a little bit more into fashion (sorry for the major delay in this) so I figured wardrobe additions were a good way to start. 

Despite the latest trends, I was never a sneaker/trainers kind of person. Everyone who has known me for a considerable amount of time can attest that my shoe of choice are flats. As my style leans more towards skirts and blouses and the occasional pair of jeans, running shoes, despite their promise for comfort, were the last thing on my mind (maybe next to furry boots - none of that in 26-35ÂșC heat!). 

These days I've come to realize that running shoes are essential if I want to start working out again, and I really need to start working out again due for my health. The last pair of sneakers I purchased was...5 or 6 years ago, which is insane. I was in dire need of a new pair that was going to be both comfortable, functional, but could still be incorporated into at least half of the outfits that I regularly wear.

I came across the Nike Free Rn Shoes when I finally brought it upon myself to canvas for sneakers. Times have really changed since I last took a long look at trainers, so I was pleasantly surprised to find this particular pair. I was initially leaning towards the Flyknits but they were well out of my price range (and made my heart stop for a second - are sneakers this expensive now?!).

Not only are the Free Rns extremely lightweight, but the designs are very minimal and clean. I went for the black and white pair so I could match them with almost anything, but there are several other designs in brighter colours if you're more adventurous. They do run a bit smaller than normal, so I would recommend trying the next half size up just in case.

The best part about these is that they almost feel like fluffy bedroom slippers. I wanted something that I could be able to wear all day if I was doing errands or sightseeing and to be able to use for exercise, and these are exactly what I was looking for. They're very comfortable and there is absolutely no weird itchy spots from the sneaker material. This always happens to me which is why I was so deterred from wearing sneakers in the first place. They also don't tighten as the day goes by which is another huge plus from me. So far no blisters, so it gets my stamp of approval!

These can easily be paired with workout clothes because of the neutrality of the design, but I've worn them with a simple shirt and shorts or jeans and they work pretty well. While I still haven't been pulled into the sneaker bandwagon, I can safely say I'm more than happy with these and can't wait to wear them more in the future. My only wish? That it came in gray. I do love gray clothes!

What about you - have you tried these? Do you have any more recommendations for sneakers?

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