Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I was planning on making a beauty-related graduation post, but instead I'm reeling from last Sunday's graduation. I don't talk about it often enough on this blog but yes, I was at uni, and yes I just finished. Its a bizarre concept, considering I've been studying at uni for half a decade (due to the nature of my course). I've conditioned myself to think that the road to the end was long that I didn't bother to notice time slipping by until it did. I wished for school to end countless times that now that the time has come, I'm more baffled and yet calmer than I originally was. 

The smug 'I'm go'n get my diploma' face.

It's over, and the end of such a huge chunk of my life fills me with equal amounts of happiness and sadness. Happiness, of course for getting through the most difficult and emotionally and psychologically taxing years of my life. Sadness, because it is the end of a way of life and goodbye to a place that has more or less become a home to me. 

The 'overly delighted I'm-done-with-school' face.

Me laughing while in line to enter the venue because my blockmate in front of me did something funny.

Rather than think of all of the things I will never have again, I would rather think of the things I can have now that I'm free: new opportunities to grow, new things to learn (Piano!), old things to rediscover (reviewing Korean and Japanese), and new people to meet (the guy giving out the real diplomas was really endearing, but lets keep that between us). 

I guess I wanted to share all these thoughts with you because this moment will never happen again. Things will be different from now on, and I thought of all places, my blog, my little boat on the vast ocean that is the internet, should be the first to know. I'm filled with many emotions, but right now I'm in a weird state of awe and contentment and excitement and really, the list goes on. I hope that in your lives, you get to experience this cacophony of emotions that feels the right kind of overwhelming, the kind that makes you want to share all the awe and amazement with the world.

Honey attacking the flowers my mother and sister gave, plus my huuge diploma in the tube beside the flowers.

Graduation pictures of my friends that I've collected for about two years now? It almost feels like trading cards or collectible cards!

For now, I leave you with these pictures. I mentioned to several people that I was sad that I couldn't take pictures of my own graduation (I am that weird), but I like that these can capture the reality of the moment, imperfections and all. Will definitely be back to regular programming on Friday, but I hope you enjoyed this lengthy but hopefully meaningful post from little old me. 

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