Friday, June 24, 2016

Golden Rose 2000 Lipstick in 132: Venture Into Neon Corals

If I'm being honest, I'm not one for bold, neon colours as I neither had the tan nor confidence to rock it. April and May have contributed greatly to giving my skin more colour - no thanks to my sunblock - and a recommendation from one of my dear friends Pau brought me to purchase this Golden Rose 2000 Lipstick

I've never heard of the brand Golden Rose 2000 (is the 2000 really necessary?) prior to Pau's recommendation. From what I gather its a Turkish brand under the umbrella Erkul Corporation. A lot of their products seem to be catered to bold looks, so if you're after that or interested in trying that out, you might want to look into their other products.

As you can see, there is barely any difference in one swipe and two swipes. It's pretty pigmented that it will cover most of your natural lip, but its not fully opaque. 
This colour is bright. In her Snaps they appeared to be a redder coral and rather sheer, reminding me a lot of the long gone MAC Viva Glam Cyndi. Instead, I got an almost neon red coral that is not only extremely pigmented but also very long lasting due to the slightly sticky texture. It is very lightweight still, but I can't say that it is intensely hydrating. You might want to use a lip balm before application and touch up from time to time.

Ignore the messy hair - thank God its not messy now - this was pre-Keratin, which I'm thinking about blogging!

The consistency is similar to a regular lipstick, with slight stickiness. While it certainly helps to keep the colour on for longer, those of you who abhor stickiness might need to stay away. The lipstick wore well for around 4 hours before I needed to reapply, but take note that I applied lip balm twice within that period. As I live in a tropical country, your climate might influence the reapplication time of this lipstick.

I find that this colour looks perfect with a really clean, slightly dewy base with a neutral eyeshadow and a bit of mascara. Great if you don't want to spend too much time on your make-up, but want it to make a statement. Plus points if you have a bit of a tan.

That's it from me! Have you tried this brand? Do you know any similar colours? Let's chat in the comments section below!

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