Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Collective Haul

Aka the things I got since the last time I updated post. It's very difficult to balance blogging with thesis I'm afraid, so these little updates will have to last for a few months longer. I thought I'd show you the new things I was gifted/acquired lately, because who doesn't love a good haul post, right? I'm going to include a bit of swatches and first impressions too, so here we go!

Skin Care

Origins Ginzing Eye Cream

Since I've started seeing a dermatologist regularly, a lot of my skin care products are medicated. Honestly, the only ones I can purchase for skin care are cleansing oils/water/balms and eye cream. For years I've used eye creams that either just moisturize or do nothing at all. I picked this up on a whim after dropping by my local Origins counter and instantly loved how hydrating but effective it is at reducing the puffiness under my eyes. Plus, its not greasy at all! Expect a review in the coming months.


Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder

I've been hearing about this powder for years, and how its a godsend for people with oily skin. Out of everything I purchased, I find myself most disappointed in this. Not only can I see this powder on my skin, but it clings to dry patches I didn't know I had and does nothing for oil control. I see it less when I buff another powder over it (more on this in another post) but for the most part, I'm really bummed that this did nothing for me.

Skindinavia The Makeup Finishing Spray: Oil Control

I initially wanted to try the Urban Decay Setting Sprays but wasn't too willing to shell out the money for it. Since those sprays were made with Skindinavia anyway, I thought it'd be better to try from the source! So far I find that this does wonders at preventing my foundation from settling on my nose and the sides, but doesn't hold up too well with humidity. Will test this out more before giving a final opinion!

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows (Cosmopolitan, Latte, Drama Queen)

This was an impulse purchase, I swear! I was only supposed to get the spray when I chanced upon these while browsing the MakeUp Pro site. I've heard nothing but good things about these shadows and I have to say that everything bloggers have said about these are true! The colour selection is amazing and the pigmentation is up there with brands such as Urban Decay (some are even better!). Amazing quality at such an affordable price point! Definitely making a detailed review on these soon!

Fairydrops Platinum Mascara (Waterproof) (Review)

My true mascara love has returned! These are nearly obsolete now - they're not even available in Japan. My friend Alex managed to find some in Sasa which I am eternally grateful for. I'm currently keeping this when I get desperate, as I'm currently using the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara.

Milani Rose Blush (Romantic Rose)

I knew I needed to expand my blush collection as I only had peachy and peachy pink shades. This blush not only has one of the prettiest designs I've seen on a make-up product, but the dusty pink colour suits a variety of make-up looks. I will say now that it has a weird, plastic-like smell in the pan that's stronger than I would like, but it faded when you apply it to the skin.

Kiko Moondust Illuminating Powder Blush (02 Fairy Mauve)

A gift from a lovely friend! The marbling reminds me a lot of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes, though I think they're a tad bit more sheeny than those. I love how this really lights up the face, making it great for evening looks!

Kiko Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick (06 Rosy Brown)

I have wanted this eyeshadow stick for a long time, ever since I heard about the brand. I find the ByTerry Ombre Blackstars to be outrageously expensive (its the same price as some of the foundations I'm eyeing, for goodness sake) so I settled for this and it did not disappoint! The formula is creamy without being too slippy, and once it sets, it will not budge for a good six hours. Plus, the colour is so unique - probably the only close dupe to Misty Rock that I've read about!

As promised, swatches of all the products! I've learned that readers really appreciate swatches and first impressions on products, so I thought I would structure my post this way. I hope the new format is okay with you guys! Let me know down in the comments below!


  1. I think it might be the dry weather and the state of my skin, but I think I agree with you on the Innisfree powder. I used to really really love it and now it's just disappointing and I'm annoyed that it isn't so finely milled. AND I HAVE BEEN EYEING THAT EYE CREAM SINCE I WAS IN SFO I AM GETTING IT ISTG

    1. Right right to think so many people rave about it online too >_> GET IT TIS GREAT and ngl I feel like it'll last me a year maybe even more than a year