Thursday, November 12, 2015

REVIEW: Innisfree Mineral Single Cream Eyeshadow (04 Romance Burgundy)

I want to apologize for the weird posting schedule lately :( As I mentioned before it is my final year at uni, and the workload and stress is too erratic for me to maintain my weekly Friday posts. I can't say for sure when things will go back to normal, but do know that I sorely miss blogging. ;__;

Anyway, this review has been delayed long enough! I got the Innisfree Mineral Single Cream Shadow when my friends Tari and Leya went to Seoul in May. I really wanted a burgundy eyeshadow after seeing swatches of eyeshadows like the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk and MAC Cranberry. I was also interested in trying cream eyeshadows from a Korean brand, as the last time I tried a Korean eyeshadow was far too long ago. 


Compared to other cream shadows that I own (Benefit and Maybelline respectively), this feels the lightest and is made of hard plastic rather than glass. The cap is also plastic but shuts tightly, which is essential to prevent any cream shadow from drying out. Not the most luxurious or creative, but it is understandable given its price point. 

Left - Built with two layers | Right - One swipe, sheered out

Texture & Pigmentation

This category is where you can tell if a cream shadow (or even powder eyeshadows, for that matter) is good or not. Some tend to be too mousse-like or too hard; in terms of pigmentation, some tend to be too sheer or way too pigmented. 

This has a semi-soft texture that becomes more pliable once you begin spreading it with your finger. I wouldn't recommend using a brush as you would get uneven, patchy pigmentation that way. I find this the case with most cream eyeshadows, except the Benefit ones. It has good pigmentation but not the best, though it is buildable. I will say that the eyeshadow can clump together if not spread out well, so do take note if this is a deal breaker for you. Other than that, it feels very soft and is easier to work with than those with harder textures (I mean you, Maybelline Color Tattoos). 

You can't see it too well because of my hooded eyes, but the colour is definitely not your usual burgundy! Also, my hair isn't this long anymore. I strangely do not miss it!

Lasting Power

I find that this lasts all day on me, with or without primer, with or without eyeshadow packed on top.  I notice fading only around the 5-6 hour mark, but even then it is only at the edges and without any creasing visible. I consider this to be very good in my book, as some drugstore eyeshadows tend to fade considerably within this time frame. I'd imagine this would last all day with a primer or topped with eyeshadow, though!

Price and Availability

This was purchased for 6000W in Seoul, which translated to roughly 250PHP. This is really inexpensive for an eyeshadow of this quality and colour, which is why I was so interested in purchasing this and acquiring it. It is, however, only available where Innisfree stores are (Seoul, Hong Kong, and Singapore, from my knowledge - feel free to correct me if there are more places!) so it is a little difficult to get if you're from Manila like me. 

(+) Pot shuts tightly
(+) Unique colour
(+) Decent pigmentation
(+) Buildable
(+) Easy to work with
(+) Decent lasting power
(+) Very affordable
(-) Clumps
(-) Can be patchy
(-) Hard to find

Recommended for: those who want to start using cream eyeshadows | want a burgundy eyeshadow in their collection

This would be great if you're not too fussy about the clumping and want a burgundy eyeshadow that can be sheered out or amped up depending on the occasion (or mood). Its super pretty and would be lovely to use for upcoming Christmas parties.

Have you guys tried this eyeshadow, or something similar? Have any other cream eyeshadow recommendations? Let me know in the comments section down below! 

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