Friday, September 25, 2015

NEW IN: MAC Plumful

Life update: my laptop has returned! We are back to regular programming!

Yes, another MAC lipstick. I did say that I'd get this lipstick anyway, but I didn't think I'd get it so impulsively. I literally just walked into MAC, swatched it, and before I knew it, I was at the counter. (_ _) I guess I figured that if I kept swatching it every time I went to MAC, I might as well get it.

MAC Plumful (Lustre) shouldn't be too unfamiliar if you watch beauty bloggers on YouTube. Its a shade that always made me curious as it looked so different on every skin tone, but still looked so unique. MAC describes it as a 'blossoming rose plum' and I can definitely see those tones in the lipstick. 

It swatches lighter than it appears on my lips, at least in my case. Several people have commented on how dark this lipstick looks on me, though I don't find it to be so. It does look quite dark and scary in the tube, but it applies as a very wearable, inoffensive plum with hints of pink.

It is a lustre formula, so it isn't terribly pigmented or long-wearing. It is, however, one of those lip colours that can be applied without a mirror or used on lazy days. It'll last for 3 hours, or up until you start eating or drinking. This is something I don't mind, as I find that it fades evenly and doesn't leave that dreaded lipstick halo. It is also quite moisturising because of the lustre formula, but doesn't slip and slide too much like a lot of creamy lipsticks.

As the formula for this lipstick is more sheer and lightweight, I would say it lasts about 3 to 4 hours without eating or drinking. You will have to reapply as soon as you do, but I don't find this to be an issue as I like reapplying anyway. It doesn't fade awkwardly especially when you blot in between layers, as it leaves a tiny stain behind.

I haven't had a chance to use this as much as I did See Sheer, but it's still to early to say considering I've only had it for about a month or so. I will say that I am very happy to finally own it because its so unique and pretty! I'm definitely making it a point to try it out more until I get to use it regularly. It seems like the best lipstick colour for rainy days.

That's it for now! If you guys have any suggestions, especially for similar shades (lighter or darker), feel free to leave them down below!


  1. I have this, and agree it's a lovely colour which doesn't need to be applied with a mirror which is good! Xxx

    1. Agree, Jessica! This formula and colour in particular is so hassle-free to apply!