Friday, July 17, 2015

COMPARISON: Maybelline Master Conceal vs Make Up Forever Full Cover Concealer

Hey, everyone!

Sorry for missing last weeks weekly post :( I've been interning for the past few weeks and its left me with very little time to sleep, much less blog. I'm back now though and hopefully my posts won't be interrupted anymore!

Anyway I promised I'd do a comparison post for my recently acquired concealers - the Maybelline Master Conceal and the Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer. When I was still reading about them prior to purchase, I did think that they would be quite similar. It's been a good two months and I've formed a pretty good opinion (and liking) for both!


They're both in tube packaging, which can be good or bad depending on the person. I personally like it because I find it to be more hygienic than a doe foot applicator or anything else with a sponge-tip (ahem this concealer).

The Master Conceal (MC from now on) has a bigger opening and thinner tube, and I do admit that its difficult to get the right amount of product as it offers less control. I think it was designed this way because of the more liquid consistency of the concealer, which means you need more.

The Full Cover (FC) on the other hand has a smaller opening and a stiffer tube, allowing you to get the amount you need. This reflects the fact that a little goes a long way with this particular concealer.


The FC is easily full coverage. A little goes a very, very long way with this to the point that I recommend a teeny drop to start with. This is great if you have any spots you need to cover because you will be sure it will be hidden. It dries to a matte finish that isn't too flat or obvious, as some mattes tend to be.

The MC is more medium to full coverage if built. You do need more product to get to a full coverage if desired, but its not an excessive amount. This is good if you don't want to go too heavy on under eye concealing, since too much under the eyes can crease really fast. This dries to more of a natural finish. 

Consistency & Blendability

The FC is much thicker in consistency, but definitely nowhere near heavy. This is such a refreshing change compared to high coverage but heavy and cakey concealers! You only need a little bit to cover spots, so you can expect this tube to last you a long time. I will say though that its best to work in sections with this as it dries fast and gives little time to blend into the skin. I think a large part of this comes from the fact that its waterproof; once its there, it won't migrate or disappear until you take it off with a make-up remover.

The MC is, as I mentioned, a more liquid consistency. Granted this does mean that it takes longer to set, needing the help of a powder, but this also makes it easier to blend. This is great for people who are new to make-up, as it leads to a little less of a mess and is more forgiving if any mistakes are made. This does not last as long as the FC, so its not good for long days.

What I like about both of these is that they both blend well instead of just sitting on the skin. This makes it a little less obvious that you're wearing make-up, giving you the option to  just spot conceal and call it a day for your base.


The MC easily wins this round as it can be used as both an under eye and spot concealer. The consistency isn't too liquid that it slides off spots in an hour, but its also not too dry for the under eyes. This makes it great for travel as it is multi-purpose. I must say though that on my personal skin, it does not aggravate acne (since it isn't oil-free) but it might if you have more sensitive skin.

The FC seems to be best for spots, as its consistency is a little too dry for the under eyes for my liking. This is fine by me as I need more concealing for my spots rather than under eyes anyway! For those looking for a full coverage under eye concealer however, you might need to look elsewhere.

Price and Availability

Sadly, the MC is not available in the Philippines. I think this is only available in the US for now, but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong! If you can get a hold of it however, you will not have to break the bank as it costs P300/$8.99 at the least since it is from the drugstore. I know that this is available at ULTA if you buy online, but I got mine from Bon Marche, where I got a few other products as well. They're really nice and ship your items really fast, so go check them out!

The FC is more readily available in all MUFE stores as well as Sephora. This does cost a lot more locally (P2000) so I might recommend purchasing from online stores. I got mine from Make Up Pro who also ships products really fast and accepts pre-orders! I got it for about P1400 which is closer to the price they pay in the US ($32). It is more expensive compared to the MC, so if that is a setback for you, the MC is a much better alternative.


Maybelline Master Conceal (30 Light-Medium)
(+) Blendable, multi-purpose, medium-full coverage, natural finish, good for beginners, affordable
(-) Not oil-free, no control for packaging, not readily available in PH

Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer (6 Ivory)
(+) Full coverage, waterproof, good for sensitive skin, long-lasting, more shades, good for spots, matte finish, very pigmented
(-) Less blending time, expensive, learning curve to use

I don't have a winner for this round due to the very different consistencies. I also wouldn't say that they're dupes of each other since the consistency is so different. I will say that I am very happy to have purchased both since I now have options, and I like having options.

That's it for now! If you have any questions or comments, and even recommendations, feel free to leave them down below!


  1. Ohhh this looks really lovely - it's always great to see comparisons like this! :)

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