Friday, May 22, 2015

TRAVEL: Baguio May 2015

I went to Baguio again last week! Unlike my New Year trip, this one was spent eating excessively and relaxing. I've been going here since I was a kid so the usual tourist destinations have been disregarded a long time ago. Instead I thought I'd share with you the place where I stay whenever I do go to Baguio.

Best part is that its the opposite of a concrete jungle that I have grown to dislike. Sometimes being surrounded by nature is enough to energize a person. Also, it was about 5-6 degrees colder than in the city, which is at around 33-39 degrees now. The heat needs to go!

Best part about Baguio - vibrant and abundant flowers!

Now that I think about it, I should've taken pictures of me somewhere. Then again, I wandered off alone when I took these pictures.

That's it for me for today! What about you - have you gone on any trips recently? Do you have a place that you go to frequently for weekend getaways? Let me know down in the comments!