Friday, May 08, 2015

REVIEW: Essence Long Lasting Lipstick (07 Natural Beauty)

Another review! I have a lot of things that need to be reviewed so you'll see more of them on my blog in the coming weeks. Also feel free to request for a review of any of the products I have or you'd like me to try!

I've seen these Essence Long Lasting Lipsticks around a few bloggers and a few YouTube channels, so I thought I'd give it a go. It is a part of my attempt to venture a bit more into drugstore make-up as well as the world of lipstick, both of which still overwhelm me until now with all the variety. It has taken me this long to get a MLBB or 'My Lips But Better' lipstick and I'm happy to show the first one I got, which is in the shade 07 Natural Beauty

Pigmentation & Colour

I will say that this is a sheer lipstick, but can be built up to a medium. The colour is a medium pink thats neither too warm nor too cool, but doesn't look awkward against my skin. It just appears very natural and pulls the look together without drawing too much attention to it. I've seen people with paler skin than mine use this and it still looks natural, though I can't be too sure with skins darker than an NC35. Do swatch this if you can!


It applies smoothly, with no tugging on the lips. It feels very lightweight even when layered, and isn't too creamy nor drying. It has the teardrop shape you see with most lipsticks, I will say thought that it can emphasize lip lines, so its best to wear a balm and to exfoliate prior, just in case. It has a satin finish that leans ever so slightly on the glossy side. 

The tip of the lipstick has a teardrop shape which is typical for most lipsticks on the market, so its easy to apply. For those who want to know how to apply lipstick (or if you want to know a great way to do it given the teardrop shape) watch From Head to Toe's video. I found it really helpful and use this method to apply lipstick.

Lasting Power

As this is quite a sheer lipstick, this lasts me around 2 to 3 hours. This isn't too bad considering its price point, and I don't really favour long lasting formulas anyway because they tend to be quite unforgiving on my dry, chapped lips. The product name is misleading though, for those who are expecting a long-wearing formula. They will last longer if you blot and/or use a lip liner under.

Its neither moisturizing nor drying on my lips which I really appreciate. I still apply a lip balm underneath and also when I reapply after eating or drinking, so bear that in mind. It doesn't fade awkwardly but I would say that is more because of the colour. It doesn't leave a stain.

Had my hair up because it was impossible that day. The heat these days is too much o-<-<

Price and Availability

I got this for PHP 209, making it the cheapest make-up product I own. Essence counters are available in all SM Department Stores as well as Watsons, making them widely available. This makes me happy because they're really affordable! In the US, I know that they're available at Ulta.


(+) Neither moisturizing nor drying
(+) Neutral colour
(+) Applies smoothly
(+) Lightweight
(+) No awkward fading
(+) Very affordable
(+) Easily available
(+/-) Sheer but buildable to medium
(-) Misleading product name
(-) Can emphasize lip lines

Recommended for: those looking for an affordable MLBB | starting out with lipstick

Repurchase? Yes! I'm really glad I got to try this! I'm definitely checking out more from the range because they do have a good assortment of colours.

That's it for now! I know this is shorter compared to my usual reviews so if I missed anything or if you have any clarifications, feel free to leave me a comment below! :)


  1. lovely shade ! I need to try this brand soon :)

    1. Super pretty! And yay that's great to hear! :)

  2. My first time to see you beautiful!!! More FOTDs please!! :)
    Love the lipstick on you!

    1. Thank you, Shari!! :) And yes more FOTDs to come! XD

  3. I heard about these ones too and been wondering if I should give it a go. Probably will buy one or two just to give them a go :)

    -L | The Nerdy Me

    1. Smart thing to do, L! Hope you like the lipsticks!

  4. I must say that I like the packaging. The monogram detail is very charming. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. Agree! It's very simple but charming, Carmen!

  5. It sounds really good for the price, I've been wondering about trying an Essence lipstick, so I think I'll pick a couple up!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  6. how much product do u get in the lipstick?

    1. It doesn't say on the tube, I'm sorry :( I'm assuming its the usual amount though which is 4g/0.11 oz!