Friday, March 20, 2015

SPOTLIGHT: What's in My Bag (End of the Semester Edition)

Out of sheer boredom and because I like reading and watching similar posts on different blogs and YouTube respectively, I did a quick 'What's in My Bag' post for all of you! As someone who likes looking through my friends' bags (with permission of course :p) whenever we meet up, I thought it would be interesting to show you what I bring around with me at uni.

Disclaimer: I have a week of school left and not much is going on except 2 major papers and 1 exam, which explains the lack of notebooks and handouts. Trust me, if I did this a month ago, it would be 75% papers, 25% everything else. I'll save you the agony of my horrendously damaged notebooks and I'll show you everything else instead.

I normally have tissues and wet wipes, but both have mysteriously disappeared. -_-

This semester I've used this black Longchamp bag. Its actually my mom's which she bought in Seoul a few years ago. Funnily enough, I told myself during the first day of school that I was only going to use this for a week, and then suddenly...its the end of the semester. Oops.

It doesn't have any dividers inside so things can get messy easily without a bag organizer. Despite this I enjoy fixing the contents of my bag. It makes me feel like I have my life in order (when I don't, really). I like that it isn't too small that my notebooks can't fit, but not too big that it makes me look small. It can't carry my laptop, but I'm okay with that. 

I found this wallet in my house and have been using it ever since. I despite bulky wallets with a passion and I love how thin this is. Seriously, more companies should try creating thinner wallets for women, not thicker ones. -_- And yes, my bank book because I need to hide my money away before I can spend it. 

I like pens. A lot of pens. I've been using several colours of pens to write my notes with since high school, and noticed how it helps me remember things and makes studying a little less of a drag. Majority of my pens are from Muji and I like them so much more than the Pilot Hi-Tecs that I used to use a few years ago. The tips are quite thin, but not like the Hi-Tecs, so they won't break when you drop them. 

The offensively bright neon pink notebook is where I write any ideas I have for blog posts. It's also where I write lists of things I should try out or found to be really interesting, and I have to say it has helped me. I'm not a fan of neon though, so I'm definitely getting myself a less bright notebook for next year.

Of course there needs to be a beauty item or two lingering in the depths of my bag. I'm a bit of a clean freak so I must have isopropyl alcohol with me at all times. The reason why I don't use hand sanitizers is because most of them only contain 60% or less of alcohol, which isn't nearly enough to kill any bacteria off your hands. It needs to be at 70% for it to do that. Yep, I just put another science lesson again.

My hand cream of choice is this Nature Republic Hand & Nature Hand Cream in Wild Cherry. I got this in Korea last year and I love how it smells. I'll be pretty sad when this runs out because most of the hand creams from this range are always out of stock locally.

I carry two lip products, and for this week it was the Kiehl's Lip Balm and the NYX Butter Gloss in Strawberry Parfait, of course. I didn't wear any makeup this week because I wanted to give my skin some rest, and because I was breaking out from stress. The latter lip product always helps in brightening up my face and making me feel less ugh.

I finally got a replacement for my broken earphones a month ago and it has not left my bag since. I use the pink case to store my earphones and my lip products because I've realized that without a case, my earphones tend to break faster. Here's to hoping it lasts more than a year! The earphones I use are from a brand from Coloud. It blocks out noise just fine, but I'm not sure if I would buy it again because the earphones themselves don't fit perfectly. Of course, my phone. Sometimes I use it to take blog pictures, whenever my camera fails me. 

And there you go! I hope this was a bit interesting for you as it was for me to write. Do you carry these things in your bags? Is there something I'm forgetting that you consider a must have? Let me know down in the comments below!

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  1. That bag is so nice! Also need to get my hands on that Nyx Butter Gloss!

    Holly xx

    1. Thank you, Holly! And yes you should - best lipgloss/balm/tint formulation I've tried so far!

  2. I love pens from Muji too haha I am a stationary lover x

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