Friday, January 16, 2015

REVIEW: Muji Light Toning Water for Sensitive Skin (High Moisture)

I thought it was about time I spoke about a toner I've been using for a while, which in all honesty I did not expect to work as well as it did. This is the Muji Light Toning Water for Sensitive Skin, particularly the High Moisture variant. I was running out of toner (the evil Etude House Wonder Pore Freshener) when Alex from The Red Eyeliner pointed this out to me when we were at Muji one time. I wasn't too willing to splurge on expensive toners then (since you just wipe/spray it on your face anyway) so I decided to try this out.


The packaging is standard for anything from Muji - minimalistic. It's a clear bottle with labels in English, possibly a product description and ingredients list in Japanese (can't be too sure about this) and demarkations for the amount of product by 50s (so 50, 100, 150, and 200mL). It's plastic and pretty sturdy so I'm not too worried about dropping this and crying when it breaks.

One thing I'm not a big fan of is getting the product out. The bottle when uncapped has a small hole from which small droplets of the product come out. In a sense it's hygienic, but I would have preferred a spray to make application easier and so I could avoid using cotton pads (less waste, yes?). It also makes it difficult for me to transfer some product into smaller containers if ever I'm going to use it for travel.


The product itself is clear with a very light, non-irritating scent that goes away a few seconds after application. It does not feel overly drying or stinging like a lot of toners I've tried, and it definitely does not make my face red which is a huge plus for me. It also doesn't leave a greasy feeling after use; it feels more refreshing than anything else. I use about 5 drops or more on half a cotton pad, and it's enough for my entire face. 

I tried looking for an ingredients list online and found that it only contained very few compared to others. It also contains no alcohol which is one of the main reasons why I purchased it. That being said, it doesn't make my skin oilier (thankfully!) but it doesn't reduce it either.

One notable ingredient is Sodium hyaluronate, commonly used for anti-aging which helps retain moisture in the skin. Mini science lesson! Sodium hyaluronate has smaller particles versus the ever famous Hyaluronic acid, which helps it move deeper into the skin and hold in more water from there. It's also a humectant, meaning it takes in moisture from the air around you, and is non-irritating. This is probably what makes it work so well!

Compatibility with other products

I purchased this around the same time as I got the Laneige Water Bank Essence_EX, and they have both worked wonders in hydrating my skin and reducing the redness which I constantly struggle with. This really helps in absorbing the other products I put on my skin, and I find that I have had to use not only less products in terms of number, but also in amount. I haven't had any negative reactions so far.

Price and Availability

I purchased this for P459 for 200mL at my local Muji, which is not bad considering most toners I want are priced higher. It really just claims to provide hydration and be good for sensitive skin, which it does pretty well so I'm not disappointed. 

(+) Clear packaging
(+) No alcohol
(+) Good for sensitive skin
(+) Reasonably priced
(+) Hydrating
(+) Very lightly scented
(+) Minimal ingredients
(-) Not a fan of dispenser - would have preferred spray-type
(-) Not easily available if not in Muji

Recommended for: Those looking for a basic, non-irritating, inexpensive toner. 

Repurchase? Yes, but not immediately - I'd like to try out other toners on my list!


  1. Definitely giving this a try when I run out (which may not be for a while because giant Murad bottle BUT STILL!) You could try transferring it into an atomizer so you can just spray it on :D trip to Muji please?

    1. I wanna try your Murad toner! Idk if I can because the hole where the product comes out is kind of small :/ Yes lets go soon!

  2. I never knew Muji did skincare, I'm so shocked and kind of surprised I didn't know! This product sounds pretty good and I love anything that has clean minimal packaging, shame there isn't a Muji near me! Lovely informative post!

    Clothing Conscious // Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    1. They do! I'm not sure how good the other products are, but if they're anything like this toner then they're pretty decent!

  3. I am always looking for a toner that won't irritate my sensitive skin. Thanks for sharing!

    xoxo Nicole

    1. No problem, Nicole! :) Same problem, and I'm so glad I found this!

  4. I've never really heard of muji skincare before, but this one sounds very interesting!
    thands for sharing :)

    x Kat

    1. Quite underrated if you ask me! I'd recommend it though considering the minimal ingredients and the price :)

  5. Looks fantastic! Will get this as soon as I run out of my Hada Labo Lotion thing. About the spray, I checked their website and it says that they sell a separate atomizer that you can attach to the bottle. :D

    1. Oh I didn't know this!! I ran out of this toner a while back and have been using derma products, but its nice to know for people who are interested! Thanks for the tip!