Friday, December 19, 2014

NEW IN: Skin Care

Hey everyone!

This new series called 'New In' is going to replace my old 'First Impressions' posts. It's still the same thing, but I figured a shorter name would make it easier to tag and to remember as well. For my first post, I'm going to talk about the new skin care products I've been using!

Prior to a change in my routine, my skin was oily and dehydrated. It was rough even after exfoliating, and felt tight even with moisturizer. I also had redness everywhere which bothered me a lot. I used to use the Etude House Wonder Pore Freshener because it worked fine the first time I used it, but when I bought the bigger bottle in my Seoul 2014 Haul, I realized that it was far too harsh on my skin. I also realized my moisturizers weren't as great for my skin as they were initially, and that I needed an eye cream with anti-aging benefits.

Since switching up to the products I'm about to talk about, my skin has not felt tight at all, and is as smooth as ever. I only ever need to exfoliate once a week, which is amazing in my opinion! I also get less breakouts and have less to no redness, which are the biggest changes of all. I won't go too much into detail as I do want to do full reviews soon, but I'll just go through these quickly!

I also couldn't help but notice that these are all Asian products. Yay #asianpride!

Muji Light Toning Water for Sensitive Skin (High Moisture)

Alex from The Red Eyeliner and I were interested in trying toners from Muji mainly because of the ingredients and price. It claims to have no harsh chemicals and unnecessary fragrances, contains hyaluronic acid, and is alcohol-free. It comes in a minimalist bottle with measurements at the sides so you can see how much you have left in the bottle. It's the first toner I've ever used that doesn't leave my skin feeling tight, gives me redness, or stings my skin! I think this and the next product I'm about to mention has made the biggest difference to my skin.

Laneige Water Bank Essence EX

I've been wanting this for years but never got it in favour of cheaper moisturizing essences. I finally gave in after trying a tiny sample and I'm kicking myself for not trying this sooner. This claims to hydrate and smooth the skin, and it does exactly that! This has done wonders for my dehydrated skin. I'm so impressed with this product so far and I hope it keeps giving this result.

Laneige Pore Clear Essence

I got samples of these before and in my recent purchase of the Water Bank Essence, and it was recommended to me to clear my pores as I wear make-up everyday to uni. It claims to clear out dirt and impurities, and I always feel my skin become smoother. Whenever I put this on my pimples, it helps get rid of them faster without leaving as much of a mark as it usually does. I might buy a full sized sample of this soon!

Nature Republic Snail Solution 70 Eye Cream

I talked about this before on my November Favourites, but I've been really liking this eye cream! I've had a few bad nights leaving me with puffy eyes and putting this on helps the puffiness lessen by the morning. I like that the packaging is in a tube instead of a jar so you can easily take it along if you want to. It has also reduced the milia around my eyes which is a very big plus!

There you go! Feel free to leave any comments about the products: if you've tried them before, if they've been on your list, or if you have any products that have made huge differences to your skin.  Until my next post!


  1. The Water Bank Essence is the beeeeest~

    You're making me want things again :)) How much was the eye cream? (YOU SEE) I've been debating about getting the Muji toner or the Murad Essential C mostly because of the price difference. Please go skincare shopping with me soon?

    1. It is ouo I love it so much but I'm using it sparingly because expensive XD

      Eye cream was 2 for P1600 I think? Yes lets go soon! ^^

  2. THE MUJI TONER!!!! It's such a shame that most people don't consider buying it because Muji isn't exactly a skincare brand. :( But I've had my dermatologist practically dump it on me and tell me to stop using my Human Nature toner. It's so light and the fragrance is very subtle. *u*

    1. It is sad, because the Muji Toner is pretty great~ and no harmful ingredients too ^^ and yeah you can barely smell it tbh~