Friday, November 14, 2014

Impulse Buys #1

I'm never the type of person to buy a product I've never heard of or read reviews about on a whim. Given my frugal nature (though you wouldn't know from my blog) I carefully research and read everything I can on a certain product before I convince myself that it's worthy of a purchase. Usually my purchases are planned like my Seoul Haul and Singapore Haul, but when I'm stressed from school and pass by a beauty counter...sometimes one or two things come along with me when I leave. 

This definitely won't be the last of my Impulse Buys as I realize now that it happens once every semester at the minimum. I've been wanting all of these products since their release or since I've heard of them (3/4 are on my top 10 list), and it was due to sales and discounts that I bit the bullet (not really) and took them home with me. 

Benefit Watt's Up Highlighter

I got this from Sumwear Co, an online seller from whom I got my Real Techniques brushes. I've always wanted to try this highlighter ever since I saw Jenn Im use it in one of her everyday make-up tutorials, but I wasn't willing to buy the full-sized one yet. I wanted a more subtle highlighter versus the famous Mary Loumanizer (which I simply cannot handle because it is too glittery for my liking) and I'm excited to try it out for Christmas!

Too Cool for School Marshmallow Puff

I've wanted an alternative to the famous Beauty Blender and this was the cheapest of the lot. I used it as soon as I bought it and I loved how it gave such a seamless finish for my BB Cream and my concealer! It also doesn't leak colour when cleaned which is a big bonus. Expect a review on this soon!

Fairydrops Platinum Mascara (Waterproof)

I have been wanting this mascara for ages ever since Alex from The Red Eyeliner raved about it to me. This is never available in Beauty Bar (where it can be purchased in the Philippines) as it's always sold out. This claims to hold a curl, give volume and length, and have 5 kinds of treatment essences to keep lashes healthy. This was for the first time, available and on sale at 50% when I went to check Beauty Bar. I'm most excited to use this out of everything I have purchased.

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Audrey

I mentioned this in my post about the NARSissist Workshop with Jenny Smith that I had purchased it with a 10% discount. I've wanted this shade ever since I saw Temptalia's Review on it and I loved how it looked like a muted red with a bit of pink, which is exactly what I got. I don't regret this as my first lipstick purchase and I can't wait to use it (after I get a lip liner of course). 

And there you have it! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and hopefully there will be more (or less...not sure if I want to have a lot of these posts haha) of this series! If you guys have impulsive purchases like me, or have tried any of the products I bought above, feel free to leave me a comment below!


  1. We need a mascara comparison :)) I could go on forever about how much I love mine

    1. Same!! Best mascara I've tried so far. And yes lets do one! :D

  2. I love the Benefit Watts Up! It is so beautiful!!

    XO, Erica

    1. It is beautiful, Erica! I just started using it and it looks really natural and pretty!

  3. Cant wait to try the nars audacious lipsticks!

  4. I love the Watts Up highlighter and I have the marshmallow puff sponge. I can't decide which sponge I prefer, the marshmallow puff or beauty blender. They're both good, but they do have different textures and give different looks!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

    1. Hi there Jenny! Ooh, maybe you could do a comparison review of both? That'd be really interesting :)