Friday, September 26, 2014

REVIEW: Lioele Water Drop BB Cream SPF 27 PA++

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I'm back with a review of a base I used a lot last month over my holy grail Fairydrops BB Cream, just to change things up a little. I included it in my August Favourites and my 5 Products for Minimal Make-Up so I thought it was worth reviewing.

Honestly, I had a strong love/hate relationship with the Lioele Water Drop BB Cream. When I first used it when I was in Singapore, I thought it was okay; it was a little lighter coverage than my Fairydrops one but not completely sheer. Afterwards I used in when I came back home maybe a week or two later, and it was so sheer - no coverage at all! What's worse was that it emphasised all the pores that were never even visible, which is why I stayed away from it for more than a month. 

Eventually I decided to give it another try and it worked much better than all the other times I've tried it: pores weren't emphasised, wasn't too light for my skin, had light coverage that was buildable to medium. TL;DR it ended up working out for me, but I do have to say that because of that experience, the performance of the BB Cream is very inconsistent. 

The high point of this is that its very lightweight that I always forget that I have this on, because it feels so comfortable on the skin. It also leaves a very refreshing feeling when you apply it, much like you just washed your face. This is one of the claims of the product so it was good to know that it actually lived up to it.

It gives a satin finish that turns dewy as the day progresses, which I've been loving as it looks so natural and a little more flawless-looking. Coverage-wise, it more of light: enough to cover most redness and even out skin tone, but still needs concealer. I don't really mind this because I like concealer anyway.  I can definitely build it up to medium without it looking cakey but I just keep it to the light-medium range.

Now, I did say that I had a love/hate relationship with this and that definitely still exists, but to a minimal degree. It's more like a it's-pretty-good/hate relationship now. I'll try not to rant (emphasis on try) but I will be very critical because I expected a lot from this BB Cream.

First of all, I hate the packaging. I know that hate is a strong word to use but I really, really don't like it. Since the BB Cream has a runny consistency, even the lightest squeeze or tilting of the nozzle onto the back of your hand will dispense more product than you actually need. I've wasted so much product because of this, which upsets me a lot because this wasn't exactly cheap. I honestly think a pump would be much more efficient so hopefully they look into that. 

Another is that it contains SPF which has its good point - no need for sunblock (unless you really want to). The major downside is that it does leave a white cast (though much less than all the BB Creams with SPF that I've tried) so it wouldn't be best for flash photography. 

Also, it only comes in one shade. I read reviews saying that this would be good for people with skin tones ranging from NC30-35 but that claim cannot be more wrong! I would say this is more for the lighter side of the NC25-NC30 spectrum maybe even NC20-25, as it isn't a perfect colour match on me. It's definitely slightly lighter - probably because of the SPF - but I can still get away with it. 

It definitely did not come cheap, too. I bought it for 35 SGD which is about P1225 for 50mL. For the amount of product I get, it's definitely not bad, but considering that I expected more, it's definitely pricey. It's also hard to find except online, as Lioele doesn't even have a physical store in Seoul. 

I guess I felt compelled to write a review because so many people were raving about this and while they had valid points, the praise was too much. I guess I could say this was over-hyped. This is a good product and I have definitely tried much worse, but it's just not as good as I expected it to be. There is a possibility that I got a less than stellar batch, but I'm not sure I'm willing to buy one again any time soon to test that claim.

(+) Lightweight
(+) 50mL of product
(+) Not cakey
(+/-) Light to medium coverage
(+/-) Contains SPF
(-) Not perfect colour match
(-) Hard to find; online only
(-) Inconsistent performance
(-) Dispenser wastes product
(-) Only one shade

Rating: 6/10

Repurchase? No.

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