Friday, September 12, 2014

REVIEW: Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment SPF 15

Hey, everyone!

Today I wanted to talk about something that you should have in your bag, even if you're not into make-up (if you're reading this, I'm assuming you are though!). If there was anything that got me interested in trying make-up, it was lip balms. I used ones from Chapstick, Burts Bees, The Body Shop, and Nivea but I never found one that I really wanted to stick with. They were either in pots (very unhygienic), made my lips dry in 2 hours, or got lost. Summer (who has recommended me so many things bless you woman) suggested this when I told her about my 'lip troubles' so to speak, haha!  

Here is the Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment with SPF 15! It was definitely a splurge in comparison to most lip balms, but I'm more than happy to purchase this (and other colours, as it comes in many different shades) again.

First off, the packaging is gorgeous and quite clever. It's not made of plastic like most lip balms I've tried, and the cap needs to be screwed shut instead of just capped. I've had the cap of my lip balms lost at one point or another from moving around in my bag, so I thought this was a nice touch.

The balm itself is colourless and smells quite lemony, which I love. Not in the freshly squeezed lemons kind of way, but not in a very artificial way either. The smell does linger which wouldn't be that great if you're sensitive to that. 

For application, about two or three swipes will do. The balm itself is not sticky, and definitely does not dry up within an hour. What makes this lip balm different is that my lips still feel soft and smooth hours after it has worn off, which I have never experienced with any other lip balm. Also, I found that when my lips are quite chapped, the lip balm somehow works to remove or somehow exfoliate the dead skin cells on my lips a few minutes after application, leaving soft and smooth lips. Think of it as moulting? Very strange thought, but it's amazing to me how a lip balm can function that way!

One thing I don't like about the product itself is that it is quite soft, so be careful not to leave it under direct sunlight or where it is hot because it will melt! I tend to stick it in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes prior to use (or in the air-conditioning, whatever works for you!) to make it easier to use. If you live in a colder climate though, I don't think you'll experience this problem.

Now as amazing as this is, it was expensive, as I mentioned above. I purchased this in Singapore for $36 (but got a 10% discount because of Summer's Sephora Card!) which is equivalent to about P1263 (about P913 discounted). On the Sephora website it retails for $25 which is around P1089, and even for me, that's a lot to pay for a lip balm. 

Compared to other lip balms, it contains 4.3 grams of product. A stick of Carmex lip balm has 4.25 grams, most Nivea lip balms (such as the Milk and Honey Balm) have 4.8 grams, and The Body Shop Born Lippy Sticks have 5 grams. Considering that there are other balms that have more product for less, it's definitely a minus. This lasted me a little more than 3 months, but that's probably because I kept applying it because it smelled so good (don't follow my example, guys). I'll definitely make my next one last longer. 

This is available in Sephora (both offline and online) so it's not exactly easy access for me. I'd recommend it if you have the extra money to spare and would like to try a lip balm (rather, lip treatment) that really works!

(+) Softening
(+) Smoothening
(+) Effect lasts for hours
(+) Non-drying
(+) Screw-type cap
(-) Expensive
(-) Amount per stick
(-) Hard to find other than in Sephora
(-) Soft; needs refrigeration for easy use

Rating: 8/10

Repurchase? Yes! But I'll find a way to make it last longer than 3 months.

Have you guys tried this lip balm yet? Or have a better alternative? Feel free to share what you've tried below! Also don't forget to follow me on my Twitter!

*Changed my rating system to 1 over 10 rather than 5, since I haven't rated anything below 4 which I don't find quite accurate. 


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  2. This looks great! I was always very much a carmex girl, but this looks incredible. Also, I'm a first time visitor, and I love your blog! I also write about beauty and travel, so it's nice to see others doing the same :)

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    1. Hi there CB! I used to use Carmex a lot too but I always ended up losing mine. Thank you so much! And it's also nice to know you write about travel and beauty. :)

  3. I saw this in Sephora, but my mom wouldn't let me buy it :( Their tinted ones looked gorgeous though.

    By way of moiturizing lip stuff, I still kind of swear by my C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine (because pepperminty goodness), though I wish it weren't as shiny. orz

    1. Awww :( I want to get the tinted ones next! ouo

      Where can you get that? Is that the mint thing I always see in your bag heehee

    2. I think it's only at Bath and Bodyworks or their Apothecaries :( Maybe you could get it in SG?

    3. Oooh I see :( I'll have to check it out when I'm at SG next then!