Friday, September 19, 2014

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: 1028 Visual Therapy Brownie Eyes Palette

Hi, everyone!

I wanted give my first impressions on a gift I received from Agot, one of my friends from uni! I find myself feeling giddy getting eyeshadows (despite my favourite make-up product being bases like primers, BB creams, etc) and this was no exception! I haven't heard anything about Taiwanese make-up but after this, I might check some stuff out if ever I get a chance to go to Taiwan! In a way this is kind of like a review, but I haven't found anything that bad about it except that you can only get it in Taiwan and Singapore. 

This is the 1028 Visual Therapy Brownie Eyes Palette, and it consists of mostly neutrals. The palette itself is made of tin, quite slim, and is about the size of my hand (not like you know how big my hand is but it'll be around that size) which makes it sturdy and quite travel-friendly. There isn't a mirror though but I don't really mind since I have a tiny one of my own in my make-up kit. 

It has six eyeshadow pans, all with satin finishes. Consistency wise, I would say they are definitely on par with the Urban Decay eyeshadows, only with a tiny, tiny bit of fall out (mainly from the darker shadows). They apply easily, and are easy to blend both with a brush and with fingers. They're quite vibrant on their own, but moreso with an eye primer!

The sponge tips are great if you want to add a dark colour to the outer v, which I always have a hard time with. The tiny brush is also very soft, which I didn't expect as most brushes that come with eyeshadow kits are always scratchy. It's not that great at packing on colour, though.

I'm not the best at describing colours, but I'll definitely do the best I can! Feel free to comment below though if you have a better description (that uses less words)!

1st: light creamy peach with slight blue iridescence
2nd: iridescent pale pink
3rd: light copper-gold with silver shimmer
4th: dark brown with gold shimmer
5th: copper-bronze with silver micro glitter
6th: cool brown with gold shimmer

What surprised me the most was the wear time of the eyeshadows. I'm usually in school for more than 8 hours a day and right before I remove my makeup, I can't help but notice how good it still looks. It doesn't crease and the colour stays the same throughout the day. 

There are other varieties of this palette, which are the Toffee Eyes Palette and the Macaron Eyeshadow Palette. The Toffee Palette is similar to this one but looks more shimmery (well, in pictures anyway) while the Macaron Palette is a little more pink. 

Overall, I'm really happy with this palette and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a neutral palette, or wants to try out Taiwanese cosmetics. Like I said, this is available in Taiwan and in Singapore. You can check out their website here!

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  1. *A* I feel so honoured being mentioned on your blog //kneels

    I wasn't really sure you'd like it because it's from a relatively unknown brand but I'm really happy that you like it. :)

    I'll probably do a review of sorts for the Macaron one soon so...ABANGAN. :))

    1. Huhu I feel more honoured being given this palette tbh ouo and YAYY please link me your blogpost when you make a review!!