Friday, July 25, 2014

TRAVEL: Seoul and Singapore Food Diary

As an extension of my travel diaries, I wanted to join my two trips during my break and give all of you my 'Food Diary'. This doesn't include all the food I ate, since there were repeats of the same yummy meals (especially that Samgyupsal in Seoul and the Laksa at Toast Box in Singapore) but I thought they deserved a spotlight of their own.

I combined this because...well I don't have enough from Seoul, really, and I didn't want it to be such an empty post. I hope you all appreciate it anyway. First up is my Seoul food diary!

My favourite Banana Milk! Got this almost everyday during my stay for either breakfast or for dinner since the hotel I stayed in had a 7-11 at the basement. They do import this, but not in this adorable container. :(

They also come in a strawberry, banana light, and melon variant. I've tried all of them, but I still prefer this one the most. It is cheaper when purchased in packs of 4 at the supermarket.

Of course I couldn't go to Seoul without eating Samgyupsal at least once. For those of you who are not familiar, this is thinly sliced pork belly (though not as thin as bacon) that is cooked over a hot plate until golden brown. This is probably one of my favourite Korean dishes ever (slightly losing to kimbap) and I can never get sick of it. This is usually dipped in sesame oil with salt and pepper, and wrapped in lettuce along with kimchi and other side dishes depending on your taste. 

It makes me hungry just thinking about it, to be honest!

This is the flavour Quarterback Crunch from Baskin Robbins. We don't have this particular brand of ice cream (yet - its opening at The Fort soon!) so its nice to try it at least once whenever I go. Baskin Robbins just opened a few weeks ago, yay! And yes, I do like ice cream even when it is already cold outside. :p

I shared this snack with my sister while waiting in Doota for my family to shop. It's quite good to take an eating break after all the walking and shopping.

Now, on to my Singapore food diary! This one is better documented than my Korea one, and I got to try a lot of dishes for the first time, all of which I loved. It's easy to say that Singapore was an eating (and shopping) trip for me, and I look forward to returning soon!

Laksa from Toast Box. I did get to try Laksa last time, but it was nowhere close to this. I love everything in this soup and it was quite filling even when I shared this.

Xiao Long Bao from Din Tai Fung! I never really got the fuss over Xiao Long Bao until I tried this and I was easily blown away. Also quite filling on its own.

Credits to Summer for taking this picture (and for being the hand model haha)! This is an ice cream sandwich sold by a local vendor which was really good. I didn't get one for myself because I had my own ice cream prior to seeing this, but now I'm thinking that I should have!

Sugarcane juice, Hokkien Mee, Carrot Cake, and Grilled Stingray all from Chomp Chomp in Serangoon. This was all cheap and very delicious. It was my first time trying stingray, and I'm surprised to say that I liked it! The sugarcane juice was quite different from the ones we have in the Philippines, but I'm a little partial to this one in particular.

Mango Pomelo Sago for me, and Mango Pudding and Peanut Mochi for Summer from Honeymoon Dessert. I told her how I really wanted to try all the different sago desserts in Singapore (as we only had Mango Sago, which is my favourite to order at Chinese restaurants) and I loved this one! I'm definitely going back to try more next time!

On my last night, we had a convenience store run in the middle of the night because we didn't get to eat dinner (and ate lunch quite late). It's always interesting to try the food in convenience stores because each country offers something different. I especially liked the instant noodles and the white fish snacks in the bottom row. 

Kaya Toast from Ya Kun! I did get a chance to try Kaya Toast from another place but it was nowhere near as good as this! I'm not much of a breakfast person, but I definitely wouldn't mind having this, which is saying a lot!

Cinnamon Toast from McCafé! Tastes similar to Cinnabon, which is a chain of pastry shops mainly selling cinnamon rolls, but this one tasted fresher.

Of course I couldn't leave Singapore without eating Chicken Rice at least once. This is one of my favourite dishes ever and no lie, I would eat this almost everyday if I could!

It amazes me as well because this is available everywhere - its as common as kimbap in Korea! I wish the same could be said here.

The flight home was a sad one because I really enjoyed my trip and spending time catching up with my friend Summer. My consolation was that I did get to fly business class for the first (and probably last in a while) time and the food was miles away from economy food. I love smoked salmon so I was in heaven.

This ends my joint food diary post! I do hope you enjoyed this and my previous travel posts. This will be the last in a while, unless you guys have any requests such as how I did my itinerary, where I stayed in both Seoul and Singapore, etc. Feel free to ask questions here and on my Twitter - I'll be more than glad to answer!


  1. That ice cream sandwich looks delicious! Love the sound of banana milk too x

    1. It was haha! And you should try banana milk some time! :)