Friday, July 11, 2014

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Etude House Minnie Kissing Lips in 01 Minnie Red

Hello everyone! I'm here with a very simple post today. I received this beautiful lipstick from my dear friend Summer (who gets mentioned in almost every post to be honest) for gifting this to me. <3 This is mainly a first impressions post, so I can't and won't go into much detail about the product as I would for a review. 

Nonetheless, enjoy this post!

This was a part of their limited edition collaboration which was launched in fall called XOXO Minnie, and this particular lipstick also had a blue-toned pink accompanying it, along with several other blushers, nail products, and eye products. This was easily the most appealing product to be because I do find myself gravitating to red lipsticks or red lip products in general. 

Packaging is very simple but cute, made of plastic so it's nothing particularly glamorous. I do love the red, black, and white concept and the small details such as the polkadot pattern on the side of the box. 

The color itself is a neutral cherry red that is neither too light or too dark, but still looks very classic. I was quite scared thinking this wouldn't suit me, knowing I have yellow undertones, but once swatched, it isn't highly pigmented which I like but suits my skin quite well. For someone that has never worn a red lipstick (or much lipstick in general, save for parties), it makes it easier to work with. 

It isn't a matte formula nor is it very glossy, but it does have a sheen to it and appears quite satin which I like. It makes it slightly more wearable for day time, but still appropriate for night time. 

I tried it on my lips and it does not feel too drying, or too balmy that it just slides off. To get the full colour, two layers of the lipstick will be needed. It does stain a little bit so it can be used just as a tint which is a good option for me. 

Overall, good first impression and I can't wait to wear it out just as a tint! I'm sad to say it is limited edition (and when it was available for fall last year, was exclusive in Korea) but if you can get your hands on this or a similar colour, I would recommend it.