Friday, June 20, 2014

BEAUTY: 5 Products, Minimal Make-up

Years before I used to watch makeup gurus on YouTube and think that "The more product on your face, the better" and after two or more unpleasant experiences with a caked face, I decided that I was going to 1.) Do my own make-up and 2.) Make it look as natural as possible. If you can't have something done right, you better do it yourself, yes?

Because of the climate of where I live, minimal make-up is a must. I admit I'm also very lazy in the morning (I know only a handful of people that aren't) so I want a routine that's fast but still allows me to look a little more put together while looking natural. I used to just go to school with primer and a BB cream earlier this year but after two hauls, I've added a few more products.

Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever Primer Essence

I've already made a review for this product here, but I do like using primer for everyday just so I wouldn't have to worry about my BB Cream fading or looking too dewy throughout the day. It also helps to even out my pores so my BB cream doesn't settle there.

Lioele Water Drop BB Cream

For everyday minimal makeup, a BB cream is a must in my opinion. It gives me quite a bit of coverage, while still having benefits for the skin. I switch this up with my Fairydrops BB Cream when I want more coverage, but otherwise this does just fine. It does have a slight cooling effect when applied, which I really like.

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in 'Birthday Suit'

This was included in my 'World Famous Neutrals - Most Glamorous Nudes Ever' boxed set from Benefit. I've already used it a few times and there is barely any dent on the product. I use it for a hint of color on my lids and even without primer, it lasts for hours without creasing or fading.

Clio Kill Brown Brush Liner in 02 Brown

This is easily the best brush liner I've tried. It gives off a vibrant brown color and because of its thin shape, its easy to make a thin line even if its been years since I used a brush liner. Picked brown over the famous Kill Black because it appears more natural.

Fresh Sugar Advanced Lip Treatment SPF 15

Admittedly the most expensive lip balm I have purchased to date, but it is easily the best one I own. It keeps my lips moisturised for a good three to four hours and even after it has worn off, I find my lips to be very soft and smooth, rather than dry and chapped.

There you have it! I admit I do add one or two products more but this is mostly what I do whenever I go out shopping or with friends for lunch. What about you? What are your 5 products for minimal make-up?

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