Friday, May 30, 2014

REVIEW: Fairydrops Candybar BB Cream in Ochre

Hello everyone!

If there is anything I should do a review on, its the Fairydrops Candybar BB Cream which I have been using almost everyday when I was in school (its my vacation at the moment....though its ending quite soon) and I've been recommending it to everyone. Since I've used it I've also been getting a lot of compliments on how much better my skin has gotten, which is clearly an indicator of how good the BB cream is (and I should note that my skin was at its worst at the time).

For a short background, this BB cream was created by a Japanese newscaster named Aya Yasuda, who wanted a BB cream that wouldn't leave her looking too white (as BB creams, namely Korean ones, tend to do) and would appear much less dewy but still healthy-looking on camera.

I purchased this as I needed a new BB cream (after by Skinfood Mushroom BB Cream had expired) for everyday and for an upcoming party. It would have been more wise to get a foundation but I didn't have the luxury of time, so I decided to get the one BB cream I've read so many good reviews on.


I've been using this for 3 months now, and I'm very happy with it! I haven't had much luck with BB Creams, as they've either caked up, were too light for my skin tone, or emphasised my pores, much to my dismay. I also never favoured how overly dewy these BB creams were because they came across to me as oily, which is what turned me off for a while.

This is what made the Fairydrops BB Cream the answer to all my prayers, in a dramatic sense. The most important factor to its success is that it matches my skin perfectly if applied correctly. What I mean by correct application is that when I apply just the right amount, because an excessive amount does tend to make me whiter than usual, though not horrendously white as what normal BB creams would.

On most days I only apply a thin layer, and then a bit more on problem areas, and I find that it blends into my skin seamlessly. It is not gray or pinkish at all like Korean BB creams, and this is due to its lack of SPF, so you would need to apply sunscreen under this BB cream. I find this to be a good thing as the presence of SPF is what gives that horrible white cast in photos.

It also does not feel heavy on the skin, and at times I forget I'm wearing it. It's probably because you only need a small amount to cover the entire face as well as to touch up on spots that need more coverage. One thing I noticed though, is that if you have dry skin like mine, it does tend to get itchy, though this has happened only twice or thrice when I didn't get to moisturise as much I would have liked.

For coverage, I would say it has light to slightly medium coverage, which could be a make or break for some of you. It can cover light spots but not my acne scars, which is why I spot treat them after my first layer of BB cream. That being said, you will need additional concealer if you want major blemishes to be invisible.

The reason why it looked so much like skin was because it had an almost satin finish which is just the right amount of dewiness without looking oily. After about a 6-7 hour wear where the dewiness has grown, it still does not look greasy or gross, though this could possibly be due to primer.

In terms of packaging, though I find it quite cute and small enough to fit in my make-up bag, as it is white it does get dirty easily. Knowing this I've taken extra precautions to keep it clean especially when I'm applying the BB cream, as the material makes it easy for dirt to stick. It comes with a sponge, though I don't use it as it makes me use more BB cream than when I apply it with my fingers.  Luckily, you can unscrew the sponge and use the nozzle to dispense the product.

Another setback is that it only has two shades - light ochre and ochre. I'm not familiar with the NC/NW shade as I have not been swatched yet, but I do know that I'm shade 3.5 Warm Beige for the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation, and I find that ochre fits me perfectly. You would definitely need to try it in stores to know if it will match you or not.

Finally, the price. This is what originally held me back from purchasing it immediately as it cost P1550 (about $36) for 35mL, which for me is very expensive for a BB cream. Given its performance however, I am willing to repurchase. It can be found exclusively at Beauty Bar.


(+) Good match for my skin tone
(+) Not oily or greasy
(+) Satin finish
(+) Lightweight
(+) Easy to carry around
(+) Need little amount for application
(-) Expensive
(-) Packaging gets dirty easily
(-) Limited shades

Repurchase? Yes.

Rating: 4.25/5

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