Saturday, April 26, 2014

PANORAMAS: Seoul & Busan April 2014

If I had to describe this family trip, I would use these words:

Impulsive as this was planned only four months prior, unlike most family trips which are planned a year before. 

Hectic as I was mostly the one planning and managing everything, from booking plane tickets and accommodations, to making the itinerary, taking everyone around, and making sure that everyone is happy. Though admittedly I do enjoy organising trips, I would have wanted at least one day on my own to explore.

A reminder. Since the last time I visited in Seoul which was 2011, I felt like revisiting this city again wouldn't be as exciting as it was the first time. Within the time in between I grew up and started liking different things, and felt myself losing interest whatever South Korea had to offer. Upon returning however I was reminded of just how much I loved the city, its people, and why I considered wanting to live there at some point in my life. Just like last time, I never wanted to leave.

As a preview, here are panoramas of some of the places we've visited. 

광안리대교, 부산 | Gwangalli Bridge, Busan

청계천 | Cheonggye Stream, Seoul

반포대교 & 한강 | Banpo Bridge & Han River, Seoul

롯데월드 | Lotte World, Seoul

이화여자대학교 | Ewha Women's University, Seoul

It was spring when we arrived. I thought the cold would be a little more bearable than the last time I went (which was during the fall) however, during our stay we experienced what the locals referred to as a "fake spring", where temperatures ranged between 9-13°C during the day and 2-6°C in the evening. What I wouldn't give for that kind of weather versus the hot, humid (and occasionally rainy) weather we're having now!

© All photos taken by me using an iPhone 5s

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