Saturday, April 26, 2014


Hello everyone and welcome!

This is a reboot of my previously travel-exclusive blog that I carelessly abandoned right after my first post. If there was anyone anticipating the next post, I'm sorry! You need not be disappointed however, as this new blog will still include travel posts. Also included in this new blog will be something I've been interested in for a while now, which is beauty products. In making a travel blog I felt very limited as to what I can write despite loving traveling, and so with a little more motivation and some time, I've decided that well...this is my blog anyway. I'll write about two things rather than just one.

TL;DR, rebooted travel blog to a travel and beauty blog because I want to and I can.

So two important things:

Why traveling?

Despite not traveling as frequently as I would like, I do try to make the most of every opportunity to go places. Traveling is an experience that constantly teaches me three things:

1. To be more open-minded

  • It's easy to fall into the way of thinking that the world revolves around us, which can easily result into reasoning that everything we think and what the people around us think must be the only way to do things and to run our lives. I will tell you now that this is wrong. In traveling to different places, you get to see that different people have different notions of what is right and wrong, and sometimes a perception of how to live life that is entirely different from our own. With this, we (or at least I have) become more understanding not only towards different cultures, but simply with the different kinds of people I encounter everyday.
2. To be resourceful
  • Especially when it comes to traveling to a country you have never been before and without anyone to guide you, all you can rely on is yourself. This forces you to make do with what you have and when that is not enough, to look at whatever means possible to get to where you want to go. In a way, this never leaves you. When you return home, this resourcefulness does not only translate to going from one place to another, but to other aspects as well.
3. To appreciate
  • A part of traveling is witnessing the beauty other places have to offer, but this is only half of the total experience. Truthfully, traveling isn't always going to be glamorous. There are several bad experiences that can ruin your day or sometimes your entire trip, such as erratic weather, getting lost constantly, having your belongings stolen (which I genuinely hope won't happen to any of you), transportation delays, and so much more. These bad experiences, however horrible they may be, make you appreciate the little things that go right afterwards. 
Why beauty?
  • Simply because beauty has turned me into a person that is comfortable with herself, which I think is the best feeling anyone can have. You can easily have the most sought-after and luxurious products in the market, but if you're not comfortable with yourself, it all becomes meaningless. It's not about quantity, but the quality. Above all, you should be doing all of this for yourself, and not for anybody else.

I'm taking pictures and writing the succeeding posts as we speak, and hopefully this will turn out to be much better than the previous blog. Stick around for the next few posts!

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